Restoration of the portico and garden pavilion

Start: 18 September 2017 – End: beginning of 2019

The portico and garden pavilion are being restored. These are the only two original surviving elements from Rubens’s home, which has been fundamentally altered since the eighteenth century. What’s more, they feature rare traces of the master as an architect. The restoration process is having a visible impact on the site, but the museum will remain open as usual during the work. More than that, the restoration work is open to the public and you can follow and experience it in situ during this celebratory year of ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018: Rubens inspires’.
Portico and garden pavilion in scaffolding

Mercurius en Minerva van de portiek

The restoration at a glance
The portico and garden pavilion – the two surviving original elements of the Rubens House – were in urgent need of restoration, due to pollution and water infiltration. The current action plan draws on the restoration work performed in 1937–46 by the City Architect Emiel Van Averbeke, who headed the project to reconstruct the Rubens House. A combination of conservation and protection measures will ensure the optimum preservation of the portico and garden pavilion in the long term.
Behind the scenes
Experience Rubens as an architect
‘Antwerp Baroque 2018’ offers a one-off opportunity to climb the scaffolding and view the restoration at first hand: never before have visitors had such a great opportunity to get so close to Rubens’s architecture.
Situation at 24 April 2018
Work on the portico and garden pavilion is in full swing. Find out more here about how restoration is progressing.
A considerable amount of work and research was carried out before the current restoration could begin.