Barry McGlashan

The Scottish artist Barry McGlashan is fascinated by the studios of celebrated artists like Leonardo, Raphael, Titian and Picasso. This triptych is his image of Rubens’s studio.

The space is clearly recognizable and bustles with activity. At the centre of the scene, the master works on his Descent from the Cross – a large altarpiece that can still be seen in Antwerp Cathedral. The preparatory oil sketch for the famous work stands on an easel, while several preliminary drawings lie on the platform on which he sits. Various servants and assistants are shown working in the studio, performing tasks such as preparing a panel and grinding pigments. Anthony van Dyck, Rubens’s most famous assistant, can also be seen in the lower right of the painting.



  • The studio of Rubens
  • Barry McGlashan (Aberdeen, 1974)
  • Oil and gesso on folding panels
  • Temporary loan, John Martin Gallery, London