Frans Snyders

Dogs wreaking havoc in a pantry was one of Frans Snyders's favourite themes. He portrayed the dogs in the heat of the action as they attack the food with abandon, baring their teeth and growling threateningly at a rival. Snyders learnt this emphasis on drama and movement from Rubens.

The painting originally belonged to the collection of Don Diego Messia, Marquis of Leganés. This nobleman, who was a prominent courtier of Philip IV, the king of Spain, spent a long time at Albert and Isabella's court in Brussels.

In addition to work by Snyders, Leganés also owned various paintings by Rubens (including "The Annunciation", which is also in the Rubens House). In 1628, Rubens praised the marquis as one of the most distinguished collectors of his day. The inventory number of the Leganés collection can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of the painting.



  • Frans Snyders (1579-1657)
  • Two dogs in a pantry
  • Oil on canvas
  • Long-term loan from the Delvaux collection, Antwerp