Peter Paul Rubens and studio

The painting shows the instant in which Saul tumbles from his horse, surprised by bright light and the sudden apparition of Christ. Chaos reigns.

Rubens has succeeded in portraying the dramatic effect of the story of "The Conversion of Saul" in a flurry of deft brushstrokes and powerful contrasts between light and shadow.

The Bible describes how Paul, a prominent Roman soldier who used to be called "Saul", took an active part in the persecution of Jesus' followers. On the way to Damascus, he was suddenly blinded by a dazzling light on the horizon. Paul fell from his horse as Jesus spoke to him from heaven. Paul was blinded for three days. On the fourth day he was miraculously cured and became a follower of Jesus.



  • Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) and studio
  • The Conversion of Saul
  • Oil on canvas
  • Long-term loan, private collection, Antwerp