Rubens Experience Center

Opening in 2024

The Rubens Experience Centre is being constructed at the iconic Rubens Site. The brand-new building will house an interactive visitor centre and numerous visitor facilities, which the Rubens House currently lacks, either partially or entirely. It is being built alongside and between the existing historical buildings, which will remain the core of the Rubens Site.

Together with this open, inviting and accessible building, the Rubens House will present a new vision of the reception and experience of Rubens and Antwerp. The visitor centre will offer fresh keys to interpretation, immersion and an even greater experience. Multimedia elements will enable visitors to step virtually into the life of Peter Paul Rubens. They will also be primed to discover the many physical and mental traces that the master left in the Rubens House, in the city and in the world in general.

The Rubens Experience Centre will open in 2024. Tourism Flanders and the City of Antwerp are jointly investing 6 million euros in the Rubens Experience Centre.