• The Rubens House in a nutshell

    “Welcome to my house!” Peter Paul Rubens, a brilliant and versatile artist, invites you to his palazzo.


  • This overview of useful information will make your visit to the Rubens House even more enjoyable.
  • The Self-portrait of P.P Rubens is being restored. The masterpiece with iconic value rarely leaves its place. But has been sent to Brussels where it is being restored by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage.
  • Discover our new loans.
  • He was capable of everything and knew everything. He was a brilliant and versatile artist, run a large studio, spoke several languages, collected art, designed his own home, travelled around Europe as a diplomat and was interested in science. Rubens was well-versed in almost everything.
  • The best-known and without a doubt the most talented assistant of Rubens was Anthony van Dyck. Since recently, you can now for the first time go and admire 3 masterpieces by Anthony van Dyck at the Rubens House.
  • The Rubens House has a lot to offer. Besides the permanent presentation, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, there is also the building, its amazing collection...
  • Rubens in the city
    If you want to get to know Rubens’s city, you could not find a better guide than the master himself. The Rubens House has made a list for you and recommends some routes around Antwerp.