• The Rubens House in a nutshell

    “Welcome to my house!” Peter Paul Rubens, a brilliant and versatile artist, invites you to his palazzo.

Plan your visit
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The Rubens House is one of the most renowned artist's residences worldwide.
The permanent collection contains a large number of works by the master himself and by his peers and contemporaries. The museum also has works on loan, as well as recent acquisitions and updates about works that are being restored.
Major restoration work at the Rubens House
Start: 18 September 2017 – End: beginning of 2019
Work has begun on the restoration of the portico and the garden pavilion – the only two original surviving elements from Rubens’s home. Read more here.
New construction
Opening in 2022
A brand-new building with an interactive visitor centre and numerous visitor facilities. The Rubens Experience Center will open in 2022.
About Rubens
He was capable of everything and knew everything. He was a brilliant and versatile artist, run a large studio, spoke several languages, collected art, designed his own home, travelled around Europe as a diplomat and was interested in science. Rubens was well-versed in almost everything.
Peter Paul Rubens and Antwerp. The master and his city. After more than 400 years, this world-class painter's presence can still be felt in the city.