Are you a journalist, reviewer, radio or TV producer, content creator, photographer or editor, and want to visit the Rubenshuis? Request a press visit.


Press visit 

The press service of the city of Antwerp will register and authorise your visit. In other words, our reception staff will not be able to help you at the desk if you simply display a press card or media pass. Request your visit at least one week in advance and bring a valid ID during your free tour of the Rubenshuis.  

Press material 

Looking for quality, high-res images of the Rubenshuis? Check our press kit or image bank. On request, you can also obtain press material at the information desk.   

(Film) recordings

Filming and taking photographs in the Rubenshuis is certainly possible. Request your visit at least a week in advance so that we can make sure all the rooms are looking their best.   


You can submit a request here. 


For press and non-commercial purposes  
  • Filming or photography in the garden and library is only possible by appointment.  
  • You will not be able to film or photograph the artist's residence due to works.   
For commercial and location purposes  

We will see whether your request is possible and if it fits into the planned calendar of activities.   


Good to know 
  • You are not allowed to eat and drink in the museum.  
  • We do not provide spaces for any preparation (costume changes or make-up).  
  • There is no parking available. However, there are paying car parks nearby, Arenberg and Hopland, and they have limited headroom of 1m80 and 2m25.  
  • There is no restaurant at the museum, but there are plenty of tasty eateries in the area.  

Images of the collection 

Would you like to use images from the Rubenshuis collection for commercial use? Email us at with your specific question.