Tour 2: Green Treasure

Rubens' garden was a lively place. This is where he received his friends, as well as art lovers and heads of state. Follow our guide and let your imagination and senses run wild.  

Tour 2: Green Treasure

No better place to contemplate Rubens' genius and international fame than the new museum garden. He could also just be a normal person here at the same time. A father playing with his children and a bon vivant enjoying himself fun with his best friends.  

Our guide takes you back in time and tells you about Rubens' versatility, expertly translated into a garden design with a huge diversity of plants and colours. There are no fewer than 17,427 plants: tulips, laurels, oranges, pomegranates, figs, limes, carnations, roses, daffodils, lemons... From trees to climbing plants, water plants, shrubs and bulbs. A feast for the eyes in every season. The perfect cross-fertilisation between 17th-century grandeur and contemporary design.    

Practical information

This tour is available from 1 October 2024.


Number of participants

max. 2 groups per time slot  

1 group = max. 15 persons   



90 minutes



€95 per guide + €25 administration cost  

Make sure you order the right number of tickets for your group, on top of the guide.  



Dutch, French, English, German – Other languages on request 



Tuesday and Thursday: starting time at 10am or 12pm



Online booking only via Experience Antwerp

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Walk through the renovated garden with a museum guide.