Tour 4: Brick by brick

Where did Rubens get the inspiration for his palazzo on the Scheldt? And what is the link with the new building on Hopland? Whether or not you're an architecture lover, this tour will grip you from start to finish.  

Tour 4: Brick by brick

Did you know that Rubens was also a talented architect? His remodelling of his home astonished all and sundry. Come and see the portico and garden pavilion and you'll understand why. But what about the parts that no longer exist? Our guide will reconstruct them brick by brick.  

One thing is clear: Rubens loved experimenting with styles, to connect the past and the future. The modern entrance to Hopland would definitley have appealed to him. The design by Robbrecht and Daem architects is contemporary, while undeniably Rubens. Can you see the subtle references to Rubens the architect? Discover them all!     

Practical information

This tour is available from 1 October 2024.


Number of participants

max. 2 groups per time slot  

1 group = max. 15 persons   



90 minutes



€95 per guide + €25 administration cost   

Make sure you order the right number of tickets for your group, on top of the guide.  



Dutch, French, English, German – Other languages on request  



Online booking only via Experience Antwerp  

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Learn all about Rubens' palazzo and its link to the new building on Hopland.